Living in East Texas is fantastic, it’s beautiful, there is lots of great food all around us, and just about anything you want to do is within driving distance. One area in East Texas that always gets a lot of attention is the town of Lindale. It’s a cute little town and being the home of country music superstar Miranda Lambert doesn’t hurt. But if you’re looking at the most expensive real estate listing for the cute little town you’re going to need a big bank account if you’re wanting to make an offer. 

It’s always fun to see what real estate listings are out there, and it had been a while since I looked at Lindale so I just wanted to see what was available. I sorted all properties by price and saw one listing that stuck out like a sore thumb, the list price is $12.6 million dollars. But after I started looking at the listing it made more sense, seeing as how this is a multi-family property.  

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How Many Buildings and Units are Included for $12.6 Million Dollars? 

That price would cause most people to not even look at the listing, but I was curious so I found that this property at 1340 Crad Cir in Lindale, TX 75771 comes with 6 buildings and a total of 47 rentable units. When the listing was posted 3 of the buildings were already completed and fully leased, these units are all new. 

Lindale’s Largest Investment Opportunity 

This could be a huge opportunity for someone who knows how to make money on property investments. This is beyond my resources, but if you’re curious to see what Lindale’s biggest investment opportunity is right now, enjoy looking at these pictures.  

Lindale's Largest Investment Opportunity - $12.6 Million Dollars

If you're a real estate investor here is a large opportunity to own a large multi-family property in Lindale, Texas.

Most Expensive Airbnb in Lindale, Texas

It's got 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, it's large enough for a family reunion or a nice staycation with the kids.

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