What is not to love about trick-or-treating on Halloween. You're talking about kids dressing up and trying to collect as much candy as possible. I remember growing up it was always a competition between my brothers and I as to who could collect the most candy. Unfortunately, I was the youngest so my older brothers always seemed to collect more, but it was so much fun each year. When I saw a Kilgore social media group talking about the best neighborhoods and streets to visit I knew this was information I had to share.

When it comes to the best areas to visit when trick-or-treating, I used to think you go to the "rich neighborhoods" but I have realized that isn't actually correct. The expensive neighborhoods have lots of land which means longer runs from house to house as you're trying to collect all the candy you can in just a matter of hours.

When it Comes to Kilgore Trick-or-Treating There was one Street That Was Mentioned More Than Any Others

The street that most people visit when trick-or-treating in Kilgore is Chandler Street. This street has Kilgore Intermediate School, Chandler Elementary, and Chandler Street Church of Christ all on this one street. Which means there are lots of houses surrounding this area which makes it perfect. PLEASE, be careful if you're going to be trick-or-treating on Chandler Street in Kilgore as it will be extremely busy, it's always busy on Halloween.

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There Are Lots of Other Streets in Kilgore That is Great for Trick-or-Treating

Many streets off Chandler Street were mentioned as being fantastic for collecting candy on Halloween. In fact lets look at all of the best neighborhoods to visit when trick-or-treating in Kilgore:

12 Awesome Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Kilgore

Here are your best neighborhoods and streets to visit when going trick-or-treating in Kilgore.

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