#never forget

No, I could never. Not twenty years later...not as long as I live.

Many of us can remember the exact moment back in September of 2001 when we first saw that black smoke rising from one or both of the Twin Towers.

I remember staring in disbelief, my mouth actually hanging open, as I saw the smoke from the first tower after the plane hit. I remember thinking I was watching something out of a movie.

But then, a few moments later, that second plane hit the other tower and I felt the blood leave my head. It seemed as if the world stopped...Do you remember where you were? 

When we're reflecting back on something as heartbreaking as this, sometimes it's helpful to gather (safely) and stand in solidarity with our fellow East Texan Americans.

Of course, it's even more difficult right now as we find ourselves in the midst of another heartbreaking situation due to Covid-19 with so many more American lives lost. I think more than ever--we need each other. And we want to honor the memory of those we lost on that fateful day.

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One way to do that? Commemorate the twenty year anniversary of one of the most horrific, nightmarish attacks on American soil where so many precious lives were lost, please know the City of Tyler is hosting a gathering Saturday morning on the square in downtown Tyler.

When? 7:30 a.m. Saturday, September 11

Where? On the square in downtown Tyler

No, we will never, ever forget.

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