Never judge a book by its cover; that's the advice a Colorado "neighbor" should have taken before leaving a note for a woman and her family, all based on their daily routines.

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FOX 31 in Denver originally reported the story. FOX 31 says Heather Silchia, a mother of three and 911 phone operator, received the note on her car's windshield.

The neighbor's note says that they "notice that Silchia leaves in the morning with [her] baby, then return without it". The neighbor makes the assumption that the baby is in daycare, and if Silchia is at home, than the baby should be too.

The neighbor proceeds to talk about Silchia's husband and other children, even referring to them as being too loud.

Turns out, Silchia works the graveyard shift for JeffCo 911, and could understandably use the rest.

This is a perfect example of how you should never judge. I understand that that's hard, and I'm not perfect, I do it too. But we should always remember other people are fighting other battles.

Silchia told FOX 31 that, “If somebody’s having a bad day, and they’re taking it out on you, just be kind, and that’s something I have to do every day in my job."

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