New Year's Resolutions are always made with good intentions, but sometimes we have a hard time following through with them. We find excuses as to why we can't commit any longer, but isn't the purpose of a New Year's Resolution to change? Check out these resolutions that have proven tough year after year.

If you've managed to successfully follow through with any of these, that's a serious feat in life - and you deserve a big congrats! These are tough to do, but highly rewarding if you can make the change!

Let us know how you keep up with your resolutions each year in the comments section!

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    Pay Off Debt and Budget Better

    We all knowing budgeting can be quite the challenge, but there is no reason that we should have to make it a New Year's resolution that generally fails! Make a conscious effort all the time to buy what you need and wait on the rest - there's no need to splurge on unnecessary things, especially right after Christmas! Budgeting should always be important, not just at the beginning of each new year!

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    Eat Better and Lose Weight

    While the new year may be the perfect time to start your new health kick, it has to be continued and maintained for it to make any kind of a difference. Eating healthy for a few weeks won't have any major impact unless you keep it up long-term. Make it a serious goal to get healthy, not just diet!

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    Learn A New Skill

    While new skills can seem interesting and fun, they will not be of any use unless you continue to use them. Take learning a new language for example - what good would it be to spend lots of money and time dedicated to learning a language when you are never going to use it and eventually lose the skills you gained? You must consider if the skill is practical for you to use!

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    Stress Less

    For the first few weeks of the year, this tends to be a great resolution because you're relaxed about things and you don't let things get to you...but then life tends to happen and you stress out again. Sometimes stress is a good thing in your life, so try embracing the stress to be more productive than normal! There's no reason stress has to be bad!

  • 5

    Drink Less

    This tends to be one of those resolutions that are made when you wake up on New Year's Day (for obvious reasons). When you start to waiver on your resolution to drink less, think how good it is to save the money from booze and how much healthier your body is without all the excess alcohol running through it. It's worth a shot anyway, right?

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