Hopping on a plane for vacation this Summer? Me, too. 

Here are seven bizarre facts about air travel that may surprise you.

1. Did you know that a Boeing 787 can hold so much fuel that it could circumnavigate the world only stopping to refuel twice? Yep. Pretty efficient!

2. Are you weirdly emotional on planes? Me, too. It's not just you and me. According to a Facebook survey conducted by Virgin America 41% of men admitted to crying during in-flight movies, and 55% said they were emotional like you and me.

3. The number of planes in the air is astonishing. There could be 9,700 planes and 1.2 million people in the air at any given time, according to flight tracking service, Flight Aware.

4. How about this crazy fact, the wingspan of the Airbus is twice a long as the original flight completed by the Wright Brothers. In 1903, they traveled about 125 feet, and the wingspan of the Airbus is 262 feet.

5. Stay hydrated, my friends! On a plane you'll lose about eight ounce of water for every hour you're in the air. Drink that water. I've started taking an empty water bottle to the airport with me, and filling up before I board, so I have extra water without paying the kiosk prices.

6. If you find yourself lathering with hand lotion, you're not imagining things. You need it. The airplane air is kept at about 20% humidity, that's equivalent to the Sahara Desert.

7. Finally, if you're thirsty for something stronger than water and find yourself ordering a Bloody Mary, there's a good reason. You lose about a third of your taste buds in flight. Yep, that's why everything tastes different on a plane. However, the Bloody Mary's savory tomato flavors are enhanced.


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