Frequent flyers, this is for you! The TSA Pre® mobile enrollment will begin Monday, Jan. 21 at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. 

Initially, the enrollment site was scheduled to be in Tyler through Friday, Jan. 25. Because the response was so great, the mobile enrollment center will extended enrollment another week, from Jan. 28 through Feb. 1.

The TSA Pre® mobile enrollment center will be in the commercial terminal building at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. Now is the time to schedule your in-person appointment for the second week in order to complete the background check and fingerprinting at the enrollment.

Before you apply, be sure to go to the TSA Website at for full details to enroll. Aiport Manager Davis Dickson said,

"We are extremely pleased with the response to this opportunity, The first week in Tyler is fully booked and representatives from the TSA Pre® mobile enrollment team were able to extend enrollment into the following week. Customers can begin their online pre-enrollment today for the second week appointments at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport!"

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