Growing up in the 90s was so much fun. We had amazing television shows like Saved By The Bell, movies like Titanic and everyone enjoyed a slower pace of life before the internet really took over. We didn’t have text messaging yet, so hours and hours of time were spent on the phone talking to friends and family members from one isolated landline phone. You get all of those same memorable experiences back inside this 90s themed Airbnb that is located in Dallas, Texas. 

The vacation rental is not a gigantic place but it could be a really fun staycation for a few friends or family members as it can host up to 6 guests. It has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom and will cost you $148 per night before taxes and fees. But everyone who seems to stay in this fun themed rental enjoys it as it had over 350 reviews and has received overall scores of 4.93 out of 5.00 

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The 90s Themed Rental Goes Beyond Décor 

There is some amazing décor throughout this Airbnb but I also love all the 90s stuff you can do. You can play the Nintendo 64 with one of the best games of all time ‘Goldeneye’. Or when you’re ready for a movie just pop in a VHS, or you can watch some TV show reruns with 90s commercials included.  

Don’t Wait to Make Memories 

Life is short, have fun now. Whether it’s this place or somewhere else, don’t wait to book your next trip or adventure. We are all getting older, let's make plans to have more fun.  

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