For high school students and their parents, springtime is the setting for Prom season. Dresses, tuxedos, maybe a limo and most likely some Whataburger after the dance is usually part of the formula. Sometimes, teenagers will be teenagers and play cruel pranks on each other - most recently a group of 18 friends in Louisiana planned to meet a friend at a restaurant before Prom only to stand him up. But for every mean kid, there is one who was raised right and shares a noble and kind gesture.

For instance just this past weekend, the students of Leander High School in Leander, Texas showed how selfless even a teenager can be. According to a news report from KXAN, Leander High senior Kellany Solano was voted the winner for Prom Queen along with her boyfriend, Daniel, who was Prom King (ugh high school is so perfect, right?). The next thing Solano did was not planned according to the senior.

Without even hesitating Solano took her crown and sash off, and presented it to Abby Cano - one of the prom queen nominees, who also lives with Down syndrome. According to KXAN, she is loved and admired at the school, known for dishing out high-fives down the hallways.

Her attitude is met by her classmates and Cano's mother is nothing but appreciative of the students at Leander High. She told KXAN:

From the time she started here in first grade all the way through her senior year in high school, she has had the most amazing experiences of people being really, really kind to her and doing these wonderful things for her.

And that's part of why Cano has the confidence she has.

Solano also spoke with the news team, explaining why she gave up her title as Prom Queen and this is the kind of young adult we need to raise our children to be like:

I did it because I knew at that moment she would be even happier than me, and I felt like she deserved it more.

While Solano did hand over her title, this is a night she will probably cherish more than if she went home as the Prom Queen.

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