I'm a Texas Rangers fan. Yes, it's kinda like being a Dallas Cowboys fan, always promise but never the desired results. But I'm still a fan nonetheless.

It was hard when Major League Baseball realigned some years ago and moved the Astros into the same division as the Rangers.

Having said that, even though they are division rivals, I wanted the Astros to win it all this year. Because Texas.

Apparently, Sports Illustrated wanted them to win as well. It's been well known that the magazine's 2014 headline stated the Astros would win the series in 2017.

Another interesting tidbit has surfaced since the Astros win from the Houston Chronicle, during Hurricane Harvey, 51 inches of rain fell on Houston. The Astros won game 7, 5-1, to clinch the victory.


Sometimes it's funny how the stars just seem to align.

And the winning may not be done for the 'Stros, CBS Sports says that Vegas gives Houston 6 to 1 odds to repeat as champs.

No matter, congratulations Houston Astros on your win. There are a ton of Astros fans in East Texas who are excited also. I'll still root on my Rangers, though.

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