Summer does not officially start until June 21. But when you go outside, you know Summer is here already. Which means our cars will be brutally hot to get in to.

Two years ago, I did a fun experiment that shows how dangerous the heat can be in East Texas in a parked car.

This was from August 4, 2016. On that day, KLTV reported during their 5 P.M. weather segment that Tyler got up to 100 degrees with a heat index of 104.

We haven't seen that yet this year but it has been mid 90's with heat indexes close to or at 100. That still puts the temp in our cars at unbearable levels.

In my experiment, or my excuse to have some cookies, I placed a thermometer in my car with cookies on a cookie sheet. I wanted to see if it got hot enough to bake those cookies. It did.

My car got up to 150 degrees. 150! We've already had a couple of hot car deaths in Texas this year. No matter how busy you are, make it a habit to check the back seat. Don't leave your pets in the car, either.

On the plus side, my car did smell like chocolate chip cookies for a couple of days.

Be careful in this East Texas heat friends.


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