It's hot as _______ in Texas this summer. You can fill in the blank with the word you think is appropriate. The word that comes to my mind, while an appropriate description, is definitely not suitable for work. Well, good news for all the vulgar-word hating folks here, one Austin, TX comedian's viral Tik Tok perfectly explains this summer... Without a single swear word.

"Whatever's in my mailbox can wait till Christmas," was her caption.

We've all had a day, some of us going on 43 straight, where it's basically too hot to go outside to just check the mail. Comedian Lauren Compton is all of us (minus the makeup for me) in this hilarious Tik Tok where she winds up up with melted mascara and a frizzy hair, before ultimately throwing in the towel and returning to her air conditioned home a little short of actually making it to the mailbox.

As expected, Compton's Tik Tok is finding an audience with all of us sweaty-faced Texans, it's been viewed more than 10 million times and is approaching 1 million likes.

Here are a few of our favorite comments:

  • Texas Humor: "You're stronger than me, I don't even try anymore "
  • Cheryl Forrest Spani: "Ha ha thought about visiting my children in TX and then said, nah, it can wait til Christmas."
  • Jaymez: "I always DRIVE to my mailbox since I nearly STROKED OUT gittins er done a couple months ago."
  • Landon Miller892: "I live in Texas to and it really is like that"
  • katierippescott: "You're doing it wrong. You have to wait until the sun goes down.....better yet, get up before the sun comes up."


@iamlaurencompton Whatever’s in my mailbox can wait till Christmas 🎄🔥 #texasheat #mail #nottoday ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music

And just in case you want more, here are a few of Lauren's most popular videos:  

@iamlaurencompton At least we’re not boring ✨ #comedy #sketch #breakupjokes #fyp ♬ original sound - _its.jordynn

@iamlaurencompton #topgunmode #topgunmaverick #topgunmovie #fypシ ♬ Top Gun Anthem (From "Top Gun" Original Soundtrack) - Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens

@iamlaurencompton Last day too #funny #assassin #007 #fyp #comedy ♬ original sound - LaurenCompton

Stay cool out there, Stay inside, y'all!

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