The Nueces River is a major river in Texas, so it only makes sense that when that summer heat hits, many decided to run to the river to cool off just a bit!

But nothing could compare to hitting the Nueces River at Camp Wood, near Chalk Bluff Park, where the water is clear and cascades giving everyone a little relief from the Texas sun!

How cool does that look?

Now, many in the comments of the video happily agreed that this IS the best spot for swimming; but they were also not happy that this Instagram video was giving up one of the best kept secrets that Texans in that county had! One ticked off Texan replied:

Clearest water in texas. Population 800. Gods country. We’ll kept secret till I see this!

Yikes! But it also sounds like it's not really a good secret because someone else in the comments mentioned that it's always packed there so people should not go; although that could have been a ruse to get people to not go!

I had to do some research on this swimming hole and found that not too far off from there is Camp Wood RV Park and Cabin Resort where you can enjoy a variety of other activities like camping and fishing. Sounds like a perfect family-friendly activity where you can just relax and turn off work mode!

We all know Texas summers can be brutal- and the Nueces river is big enough for anyone who needs some relief from the heat!

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