Scratches on cars just happen. Most of the time they're accidental and when we get around to noticing them, well, we're pretty upset. Most often we notice them days later and never really know how it got there.

This very thing happened to Mandi Shephard in Colorado recently. She told KVUE that she found an envelope stuck to her passenger side mirror as she was driving home. It wasn't until later that she discovered that the person who did this left her a little something extra and special! She said the note that was left on her mirror read:

Hey I am very sorry truley. I am such a dumba**. Please forgive me. Sorry 4 the scratch man."

I'm just impressed that this person had the decency to fess up to it and leave her a little something for the trouble they're causing her to get it fixed! Hopefully the forty bucks covers the job to get the scratch out easily, but if not, I guess it was the though that counts!

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