You Gotta Pay Attention To Important Moments When Your Phone Is SUPPOSED To Be On Silent, But Sometimes, Your Phone Can Reveal Something We May Not Have Known About You Personally.

There's no doubt that Jeff Bagwell is certified baseball legend and Hall Of Famer. He spend his entire 15 year career with the Houston Astros and the Astros have returned his loyalty with various positions and jobs with the team since his retirement.

He currently does fill in work for the team as a color commentator during Astros games on AT&T Sportsnet and during a recent broadcast, we learned that Bagwell has a lot of love for another H-Town legend.

In the sixth inning of the Astros' 12-2 win over the Brewers, Bagwell was talking when the faint sounds of music could be heard on the broadcast.


Astros play-by-play announcer Todd Kalas noticed the faint sounds of music were starting to seep into the broadcast and was trying to pinpoint the source. Apparently the music was coming from Bagwell's phone. Bagwell responded to Kalas asking about the music with a very nonchalant:

"No. I don't ... oh yeah. That was Scarface,"

It Sounds Like The Classic Scarface Track "Smile" Feat. 2Pac.

Bagwell continued to shoutout Face as his partner continued to laugh his way through the gaffe. From what I can tell, he was jamming Face's classic collab with the late great 2Pac "Smile" but I could be wrong.

But its dope to see a legend showing love to another legend, even if it was unintentional.

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