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David McNew /Getty Images
David McNew /Getty Images

Maybe all the events of this year will change the results to a survey like this one some time in the near future, but the findings of present day can rock us back on our heels.

Insurance.com did this survey centered on distracted driving, but their findings drove home something a lot of us have observed for quite some time.  And that observation?  Some people are even more aggressive when they're behind the wheel than when they're banging on a keyboard.

One of the most startling of these findings was that 32% of those surveyed have actually flipped off another driver.  In fact, 8% of people have actually sped up to catch the other driver to make sure they saw the gesture.

Consider the math on this one.  Next time you're in the car and you're stopped at a red light.  Look at the cars on either side of you. If neither of them has flipped you off, guess it'll be your turn to be the aggressor.


Other findings include more aggressive behavior from those of us who share the roads:

  • 34% of people have honked at someone for driving too slow.
  • 18% have tailgated someone.
  • 12% have cut in front of a bunch of people who were waiting in line to merge.
  • 7% have stolen a parking spot from someone who was waiting.
  • 7% have driven in the shoulder to get around traffic.
  • 7% have dinged someone's car in a lot and drove way.
  • 4% have keyed a car.

Hey, let's all slow down and play nice.  Remember, in the end, we've all got to figure out how to make this thing work and live together...on and off the road.


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