For those that frequent Cox's Grill in Tyler, it is a sad day. After 80 years in Tyler, the restaurant has closed it's doors according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

All I know about this eatery is what's in the Tyler Morning Telegraph story. It started in the 1930's with Francis H. Cox in downtown Tyler. The eatery has moved to different locations throughout the years. Linda Blackstock took ownership in 1982. When Linda passed away in November, her niece, Amber Garza took over.

I am a lifelong East Texan and no one ever told me about this place. From reading the article, it sounds like it was a great place to grab a bite to eat. This story got me thinking, what other hidden gems of East Texas am I missing, or have I missed out, on?

Loggins in Tyler is a good example. I've always known about Loggins but never took the time to eat there. Sunshine Records is another. I've passed by it but have never stopped.

So what other hidden gems of East Texas should I check out? This could be a really cool series. Tell me in the survey below and I will take a moment to check it out.

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