I can see the face palms already. A woman thought it would be a good idea to jump the fence at the lion exhibit in the Bronx Zoo according to valleycentral.com.

Another zoo patron took video of the incident and posted it to her Instagram page. The video shows the woman standing and waving at the big cat then doing a dance for him. Somehow, the lion stayed composed and didn't attack.

The woman was escorted from the zoo after she climbed back over the fence.

Ok, now we know the story, here's the commentary, how in way, shape, form or fashion did she, or anyone with her, think this was a good idea? Seriously? A lion is not a house cat. It will not hesitate to pounce and rip every appendage from your body.

We as a human race are doomed.

If you want to get killed and eaten by a wild animal, this is how you get killed and eaten by a wild animal. This woman has used whatever luck she had left for the rest of her life.

This is stupid, dumb, moronic, whatever other adjective for an idiot you can use. Wow.

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