WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Downtown Tyler has some beautiful landmarks to check out. There is also a lot of downtown space that is either abandoned or in dire need of renovation. If done right, those renovations could bring more retail to the area but also some great living space. At one time, a historic part of Tyler was revamped to be a blustering retail space. It never happened and is now a scene straight out of The Walking Dead.

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Just South of the Salvation Army on North Broadway in Tyler is a spot that was once a collection of shops for those who used the railroad in the 1920's. Directly across from that area on Spring Street is a building that was once an area to get ice before home refrigeration. Now, they are just empty shells. The City of Tyler tried to convert the area to be used for modern retail space but it never took off.

The area became, basically, a shelter spot for the homeless in Tyler. In both March and May of this year, massive fires engulfed the abandoned buildings there. It is believed that the fires were started accidently. The combination of the long abandoned buildings and those fires has turned the small area into a scene straight out of The Walking Dead.

A couple of Youtubers stopped by to explore the area and posted a video of their walkthrough on November 25. Just from watching the video, it is very eerie. The two Youtubers even ran into a couple of homeless gentlemen who used the area to somewhat get out of the elements.

Areas like this exist in just about every East Texas town. Most towns in our portion of Texas are over 100 years old. Tyler can trace it's history back to the 1800's. Having the railroad run through the area certainly helped the city to boom in the early 1900's. It would be nice to see these areas restored to somewhat represent their historic nature but with a modern feel.

Check out their video below along with some screenshots from the area.

Abandoned Tyler Retail Space on Spring Street

This small area of Tyler has significant history to the city. It was once a hopeful modern retail space that never took off. You can now imagine this area as a scene in The Walking Dead.

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