When Adam Hood stopped by Radio Texas Live last week we talked about everything from "wallerin around on stage" with Grammy and Golden Globe winner Ryan Bingham to the bridge that his friend Miranda Lambert's music has provided between him and his daughter and of course his amazing music.

East Texas may not have gotten quite enough Adam Hood last week, but we were close. Adam played the KNUE Front Porch Wednesday afternoon, Electric Cowboy Wednesday night then was my in-studio guest last week on Radio Texas Live. In this first segment we discuss his first single off "The Shape of Things" a song called "Flame and Gasoline".

Adam Hood doesn't drink "brown liquor" anymore. Why? Well this one time down in Austin, Adam had a song swap with Grammy award winner Ryan Bingham where they ended up falling down and wallerin' around on stage. They kept playing, laying down but what a story -- give it a listen.

Next Adam told us the now famous story behind Miranda Lambert becoming one of his biggest fans and supporters.

I don't have any kids but even I understand that about the time a kid becomes a teenager, mom and dad really start running out of ways to connect with their children. In this next segment Adam tells us how Miranda Lambert's music has given him and his daughter that hard-to-find connection.

Next up, Adam's current single which coincidentally was written with "Pistol Annie" Ashley Monroe -- I believe she's called Hippie Annie. But I know for sure the song's called "Hell of a Fight".

Finally, Adam says goodbye, for now. But not before I challenge everyone to download at least one Adam Hood song. I suggest you start with "Play Somethin' We Know".