Just 20 singers remain on American Idol as the show begins live rounds on Sunday (April 26). Here's a little background on each of them, plus a bit about who's most likely to impress country music audiences.

Grace Leer may be the only true country singer in the Top 20, but don't be surprised if others move into that lane as the show progresses. Soul singers often do well with country music audiences, and there are plenty of those. Jovin Webb should impress, and others like Dillon James are huge unknowns. He auditioned in a cowboy hat, but does that mean he's country?

Luke Bryan heaped praise on Julia Gargano and Louis Knight, but Kimmy Gabriela is also a favorite to make the Top 10. What about finalist Nick Merico? Judges loved him but warned he needs to show more humility. Can he do it?

The first live shows will find the contestants singing from their homes, but it's cool because judges and host Ryan Seacrest will also be at home. This is how we do American Idol in a quarantine world.

The 20 finalists for Season 18 of American Idol are listed below, alphabetically. Billboard talked to all 20 prior to the live episode premiere. By age they range from 16 to 29, and by state they touch both coasts, plus Canada.

See the Top 20 Finalists on American Idol, Season 18:

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