Sunday, I caught the "spring fever"! It was the perfect weather that did it to me. Motivating me to get outside and work in the yard and around the pool. This winter seemed way to long and I was ready to shake out the cobwebs and get things done.

I pulled weeds, picked up limbs, raked old leaves, mowed the lawn, fed the lawn with weed & feed, planted my begonias, re-potted some plants and hung several hanging baskets with beautiful ferns. Heck, I even went as far as to tackle the pool, which after this past winter, was a task!

My azalea bushes are not all the way open and the trees and grass still have a ways to go, but it's getting there! It's rewarding to just clean up, cause it makes a big difference. It's rewarding to work in the yard and see the grass, plants and flowers starting to emerge.

If you appreciate a beautiful yard, then make sure you visit the Tyler Azalea Trails this year.  I come from a long generation of landscapers who were some of the first to landscape the trails way back when! The trails are a sight of beauty for sure!

Happy Spring East Texas!


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