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OK, this "monolith" thing is getting weird.

Back in November, The Utah Bureau of Land Management confirmed that a big, metallic, "monolith" structure was discovered in the desert. It was random, it was big, and it was shiny. Then, just as fast as it was randomly discovered, it was gone. Someone (or something) had taken it, and the Utah Bureau of Land Management says it wasn't them.

Almost immediately after the one in Utah disappeared, one that nearly matched it appeared in another country. All the way in Romania, another "monolith" was found near Piatra Neamt, on a place called Batcas Doamnei Hill. But that one also disappeared.

Now, we've got another...

Another "monolith" has appeared on a remote mountain in California. This one is located on top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California. It reportedly sits on a hiking trail, that looks to be relatively inaccessible by vehicle. Hikers have been flocking to the structure on foot to see it for themselves.

Reports from the Atascadero News say that the structure appears to be similar to the one found in Utah, but with slight differences. The reporter noted that this "monolith" looks to be slightly slimmer than the one in Utah. They also estimate that the structure weighs hundreds of pounds. It also is suggested that this structure could be knocked over simply by pushing on it.

Now, we wait. How long until this one is gone? And where will the next one be discovered?

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