It's an interesting thought. Can reading a children's book about witches and wizards make you a better person? 

I would agree, and I would further point out that it might help older people. The world in which we currently live echoes the pain and devastation that characters experience in the Harry Potter series.

The characters in the book face adversity that ranges from bullying to death throughout the series. Rowling illustrates how minorities are treated, and shows how children learn prejudice from their parents. She also utilizes heroes from the stories to show how compassion can alter behavior.

Some may dismiss it as just a children's series, but I find myself re-reading the books, listening to the audiobook series, and also enjoying the films again and again. Themes of friendship, love and hope are woven throughout the series, and characters are reminded often that their family doesn't define them, their actions do.

Give the series a chance, who knows it might just make you a better person.

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