Whether you got your Hogwarts letter or not, you'll want to apparate yourself to Corpus Christi, Texas to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The Coffee MUGG, located at 1112 Morgan AVE, is Corpus Christi's very own common room where wizards are welcome and muggles are tolerated.

I don't know what it is about the food and drinks in the Harry Potter movies, but I have always want to try them, especially that Butterbeer! I know that there are tons, and I mean tons, of recipes online for Butterbeer, but somehow the movies make it look super appetizing that I just know if I attempt to make it at home I'll be disappointed!

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The Coffee MUGG is proudly Latina-owned and operated and it looks like a complete adventure when you pay them a visit.

Now, the Coffee MUGG is offering everyone a little taste of the wizarding world where you can experience your very own Butterbeer, and a little bit of a caffeine fix if you need it!

Once you step inside, you're instantly transported into Hogwarts, or maybe Honeydukes, where you can enjoy your own Golden Snitch.

And if it's your "birthdae" then you'll totally want to indulge in a few sweets.

The Coffee MUGG is more than just a coffee shop, from the looks of it, they also throw some pretty cool parties; like this reimagination of the Yule Ball.

No matter what house the sorting hat says you belong to, you'll find just exactly what you're looking for. You can follow the Coffee MUGG on Facebook or Instagram to find out more.

The Ultimate Harry Potter Experience

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