Lubbock, TX, I understand the spirit behind law, but I also understand why other places in the Lone Star State i.e. Dallas, TX, and Houston, TX, have not incorporated it as law.

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Driving under the influence of alcohol, or any drug, is dangerous. In Texas you can be punished with up to a $2,000 fine, up to 180 days in jail upon conviction with three mandatory days, and you can lose your driver's license for up to a year.

Before we get into that, I just learned while reading up on Texas laws for this post, that the legal alcohol limit is lower for commercial drivers. And not just when they are on the job, every time they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Did you know that?

For "regular" drivers, 0.08% is the legal alcohol limit. If you hold a commercial driver's license, 0.04% is the alcohol limit. This rule applies whether you are driving your work or personal vehicle. And if you're caught with a blood alcohol level of 0.15% or above, you can receive a Class A misdemeanor conviction.

Okay, so back to the reason you clicked on this. Congratulations, Lubbock County, which is home to The No. 1 Absolute Most Ridiculous Driving Law in Texas. Did you know that in Lubbock County a drunk passenger could get a designated driver in trouble?

I'm not sure how this is actually enforced, but "In Lubbock County, it is illegal to drive within an arm's length of alcohol." That part makes sense. But this apparently does include alcohol in someone else's bloodstream, via Discover Walks.

WAIT, WHAT. Did I read that correctly? You can't drive within arm's length of someone who is drunk? Please, someone tell me this law doesn't actually get DDs in trouble. Surely not. In the meantime, next time you're the designated driver keep this in mind.

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