Misty Benjamin is a resident of Aurora, Colo., and is also a fan of sorts of James Holmes. We all know James Holmes for his attack on the movie goers at a Dark Knight movie premier at the local theater. Why would Benjamin be a fan of the man that killed 12 and injured over 50 people, let alone use his photo to "calm her down"? 

This story of the woman that is trying to support Holmes by dying her hair orange and coming to the preliminary hearings is spreading fast. People cannot figure out how one can show support for someone that showed such unwarranted hate. Amy Cambell of the Huffington Post reported that Misty Benjamin had this to say:

She reportedly also explained that she doesn't believe Holmes to be a bad guy, just what he did was bad. This woman is also declaring that when she feels a little upset, she just thinks of Holmes or looks at pictures of him to calm herself down. Her unusual attraction is not being kept a secret and she doesn't care. But, she is not alone.

Along with many other independent voices speaking out in support for Holmes across numerous social media sites, there is now a Facebook page for "fans" of James Holmes. Yes, a fan page. It has numerous members and pictures showing support for the alleged mass murder. Some of the pictures state things such as, "It just does, Mom. I can't explain why it feels good to be a holmie." 

That is what this group is calling themselves, "holmies." The picture below was followed with comments such as, "Slut is on my man."


This odd following is quite confusing to most. It is hard to put yourself into the shoes of someone that is not just looking past the horrible things this man is going to trial for, but they are joking and supportive of this murder.

Holmes may be going for a plea of insanity and some of the women, like Misty Benjamin,  feel that this is the truth. Benjamin says that she wants to let him know that there are people out in the world that feel for him and his situation. She also admitted to writing to him while he has been in custody, all to show her support for him. Benjamin does not seem to be advocating for the death of people, but that she understands that Holmes may just be mentally ill.

So, what do you think.

For a little bit more information, here is a video with more on the "Holmies."

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