Newsflash parents: Large machinery and children don’t mix! We guess these parents didn’t get the memo when they tossed their toddler son into the washing machine at a laundromat. The parents seemed to be horse playing with the child, when quickly things got out of control. Warning: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Watch: Parenting Fail at Laundromat

If the parents were horse-playing, or punishing the child is not known, but the toddlers dad put the child head first into the machine and TURNED IT ON! They laughed a few seconds until they realized that they couldn’t get the washing machine’s door open! Soon, the pair were stricken with panic as they made attempts to break the child out of the machine where water was constantly pouring in on the child.

Luckily, the child in the video was only treated for minor bumps and bruises. It’s unclear if the parents are being charged with anything as of yet.

Just another example of how quickly something could turn tragic. There have been numerous reports of children dying in washing machines.


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