Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole cruises the streets fighting crime during the day and uses his favorite superheroes to brighten kid's day during his off time.

Officer Cole was dressed as Batman for a kids safety fair last weekend at the Fort Worth Walmart when he was made aware of a shoplifter. The man was attempting to steal four DVD's including, ironically, the Lego Batman Movie. Officer Cole, in his Batman costume, arrested the suspect in the parking lot.

Because the amount of the theft was under $100, the man was only given a citation. The man did want to get a selfie with officer Cole after the arrest.

Officer Cole makes use of the superheros also as a way to connect with kids while on patrol. He keeps his patrol car filled with superhero items to show off to the kids he meets while performing his daily duties.

His superhero quests don't end while on the job. In his off time, he travels the country as part of his non-profit group, Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer, where he will dress as Batman, Superman, Iron Man and others to visit children with cancer.

"I dress up as many different super heroes and I travel the country in my off time seeing children with cancer and other illnesses," Damon Cole told Fox 4 Dallas. "I do that to give them inspiration and hope to keep fighting."

Thank you officer Cole for serving your community but also for bringing inspiration and support to kids fighting their own villain.

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