I love watching homes with Halloween decorations, but according to a new report they could cause harm to area wildlife.

According to Fox News, the National Retail Federation expects Americans to spend $2.7 billion on Halloween decorations this year and that amount has been increasing in recent years.

Wildlife organizations have seen an increase in animal visits to local rehabilitation centers for injuries related to outdoor decorations.

Decorations like fake cobwebs are really concerning because wildlife could easily get caught in them if they are placed across bushes and trees.

Also, another concerning matter is sting lights or similar items where a deer can get their antlers stuck.

Wildlife Centers suggest you notify them instead of attempting to assist in getting any troubled animal out.

Try avoiding placing decorations in the usual path animals use on your property, and make sure you dispose of any pumpkins and other food items promptly, which could entice animals to come closer to your home and also risk getting hit by a car.



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