Does anybody know how to follow the rules?

We are in the middle of summer, with plenty of sunny days ahead, but somebody had to remind us that the fall season is coming by displaying Halloween decorations in certain retail stores.

According to Buzz Feed, photos were captured of retail stores who had Halloween decorations out along with other fall items.

While some were like me saying "It's way too early", others were happy and embracing the coming of the fall season.

Now, I have been shopping recently and I have yet to see any Halloween decor and the store Spirit Halloween won't open their doors until August 1st so that give us at least a week and a half before reality set in.

Am I ready for the fall season?  Not quite as I am enjoying the sunshine, barbecues and anything summer related.

However, since back to school time will be here I guess we need to brace ourselves of reality setting in.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

I will say this!  If I see Christmas decorations I will have a fit.


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