Over the past weekend, my daughter and I went to see the latest Twilight movie, 'Breaking Dawn' part one. Yes, I enjoy the Twilight series, but mainly because I read the books - which are phenomenal.

This is what all Bella and Edward fans have been waiting for - the wedding. The wedding did not disappoint! When Bella came out in her gown, the everyone in the theater gasped. Absolutely divine! Wow, I just used the word divine.

Every generation's brides are inspired by a handful of style icons. My grandmothers and mother had Grace Kelly. My generation had Princess Diana. Now my daughter's generation has Duchess Kate and Bella Swan!

When a wedding is a cultural phenomenon, it's only natural to expect bridal copies ... fast and furiously. The “Twilight” saga is proving to be no exception.

Bridal design house Alfred Angelo just released its exclusive “Twilight” bridal gown on Monday. The gown, designed by Carolina Herrera, was seen by the public for the first time in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1," which racked up $139.5 million in domestic box office over the weekend.

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