One of the biggest problems in East Texas, and across the state, is wild hogs or wild boars. They come onto our properties, whether rural or city, and tear up the ground around them or even try to attack us, our pets or our livestock. They are a menace and should be expelled from our properties as soon as we know they're there. However, a new study says that wild hogs or wild boars could actually have a benefit to being around, plant life.

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Study From Aaruhs University

A new study out Aaruhs University in Denmark (yes, I know that's nowhere near Texas but hear me out) says that invasive or feral plant eating mammals may actually bring a big benefit to the plant life in the area they invade. The study observed feral animals that weigh over 100 pounds and eat grass, like wild hogs, and how they would spread seeds to increase the plant diversity in the area they invade.

Destruction in Texas

Wild hogs have caused about $2.5 billion in damages in Texas. That's a believable number for us in East Texas as we've all seen the destruction wild hogs have caused in our yards. This has led Texas to making it legal to hunt wild hogs in just about any way possible, including using a new poison called warfarin.

Study Suggests Not to Kill Wild Hogs

In this study, the scientists suggest not to kill wild hogs because it could harm the ecosystem in that area. Sure, but there are too many of them in our neck of the woods. Their population is out of hand and needs to be brought back under control.

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