In Tyler, Texas you can find so many delicious desserts and pastries. It makes my mouth water even thinking about getting a taste of some delicious sweets.

One favorite item that people are always seeking is cinnamon rolls. I often see people asking where they can get the best cinnamon rolls in Tyler -- typically in local Facebook Groups like All Things Tyler. And you know what, there is no better way to find the best cinnamon rolls than to ask the locals.

What is it about cinnamon rolls?

They can be eaten as a dessert, breakfast, snack, or anytime you want. And really, that's enough to make me love them. But if you want to get crazy, you can even add all kinds of yummy toppings.

They're just such a versatile treat. So the real question is -- what is there not to love about cinnamon rolls? 

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I recently came across another post asking where the best cinnamon roll is in Tyler. 

Seeing that people were apparently still searching for the best, I figured the word needed to be spread even further. If people are continuing to ask, then enough people don't know where to find the best cinnamon rolls. And EVERYONE deserves to know where to grab one of these delicious, sweet, gooey treats.

Sometimes I'm skeptical about taking recommendations from people. In part because everyone's taste is different and I've had some letdowns before. However, these local recommendations all seem like really solid leads on where to grab a delicious cinnamon roll. I know I'll be trying most -- or all -- of them out.

Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever in Tyler, Texas

Have a sweet tooth only a cinnamon roll can cure? These places in Tyler, Texas are serving up the best.


Some other recommended places to find cinnamon rolls that I could not find a photo of include:

Supper Thyme

Sweet Treats by Jo

TJC's coffee shop

Handmade by Lo

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