It's graduation season and some  seniors are wanting to 'stretch' their new found freedom, and take a trip.

Nothing wrong with that right? But some graduates are  set on an unsupervised trips and out of the country trips too!  The last few days we have asked your take on it, and we got some very interesting comments. This got me thinking, since in 3 years I will be in the same so-called dilemma.

Well I thought I would try to come up with some one day trips that would still be fun and take away some of the stress for parents!  (My Top pick's after the jump!)

Everybody loves an amusement park! This is close to home, economical, doesn't include boarding a plane and the kids can have freedom, (but be home the same day!) Check the website for discounted tickets, especially for groups!

America's favorite past time! What could more perfect! The ballpark has tons of restaurants, shops and activities to keep your Grad amused and feel that sense of freedom they long for!

I'll have a hotdog and peanuts please!

It's summer, and what goes better with summer then WATER! A fun water park  that has tons of rides, food and a shady pool to rest when they get worn out! There are always discount tickets available. Just check on line!

Lake parties are always a blast! You can cookout, fish, swim and even camp out! Some marinas have barges you can rent for the day! Don't worry parents, the lake patrol is out in numbers!

For the more adventurous Grads, may I suggest an ATV park! Mud is always fun! The park also has great outdoor concerts!

My pick's are in no way original, but I thought I would give you parents some ideas that you may have forgotten about. Whatever your Grad plans to do, just let them know how proud you are of them and have fun!