Just three hours north of Dallas, TX, straight up I35, you will find one of the biggest chicken fried steak challenges in perhaps the entire universe. This might actually be a good reason to visit Oklahoma.

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Not only is Kendall's Restaraunt, located in Noble, OK, issuing one of the biggest challenges to patrons that I've ever seen, that chicken fried steak of theirs is making my mouth water.

According the the restaraunt's website, The Chicken Fry Challenge has been attempted thousands of times since '12, but it's only been defeated about a hundred times.

I don't like those odds... But I really wanna get that chicken fried steak into my belly. The good news is you can actually order one without having to take the challenge, but then again, where's the fun in that?

Are You Up For The Challenge?

"The Chicken Fry Challenge was conceived all in fun in 2003 with very few attempts until around 2012 when it took off with the popularity of Food Challenge TV shows such as Man vs Food and Social media."

Molly Schuyler and Dan Killer Kennedy currently own the fastest times at The Challenge with a time of 8 minutes and 3 seconds each.

The Challenge Description

  • Three Original Chicken Fried Steaks (1 lb each)
  • 2 scoops of mashed potatoes or fries
  • Side salad & 2 servings of green beans
  • There is a biscuit & 2 cinnamon rolls
  • There is a 1-hour time limit to finish
  • Time starts as soon as you cut into your food or take your first bite
  • You may stand during the challenge and dunking is allowed too

Oh and if you can't finish you don't get a doggy bag for your leftovers, nope, at Kendall's you get a "quitters box."

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