East Texas is celebrating as two of our own played in what some are calling the greatest Super Bowl ever played, Whitehouse, Texas native Patrick Mahomes and Groveton's Lane Johnson. That debate is for another day, however. During this Super Bowl run for Patrick Mahomes, one of his most staunch, and outspoken, supporters has been his wife Brittany Mahomes. Some have been critical of what she has posted online. Its hard to be critical of what she posted about her husband following the Kansas City Chiefs' win.

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Twitter is Funny Place

Actually, the more appropriate description of Twitter is that it isn't a real place. That's an article for another time, however. One person who gets a lot of criticism online is Brittany Mahomes, wife of Patrick Mahomes. Some of that criticism stems from what she has posted online or what she has been filmed doing. But one thing you can't criticize her for is her support and obvious love she has for Patrick. That's why I believe we can all support what she had to say following the Kansas City Chiefs' 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

MY BABY DID IT!!!!! - Brittany Mahomes

Yup, that's it, "my baby did it." No unnecessary posturing. No below the belt shots at Eagles fans. No arrogant words. Just a celebration of her husband being a leader and helping bring another trophy to Kansas City. Patrick played through a high ankle sprain, which is a very painful injury that takes several weeks to fully heal. He suffered another ankle injury close to end of the second quarter but was able to get past that in the second half.

Patrick, the Team Player

Patrick overcame those injuries to lead his team to a second Super Bowl victory in four years. Patrick will also be the first to say, and did say publicly in his media appearances following the win, that his teammates rallied behind him to get the win. Patrick's coaches also did some great work making adjustments and calling the right plays to get the victory.

Some were critical of Brittany's tweet but those "critics" were muffled by the majority who were excited that the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII. Those critics were just bitter fans of teams that Patrick bested to get to their huge win.

Congratulations Patrick Mahomes, you and your Chiefs teammates were worthy of that win.

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