Some bad news came across Facebook on Monday afternoon as a post about the closing of Brookshire's World of Wildlife Museum made a lot of Tylerites sad.

On September 7, the World of Wildlife Museum, which has popular playground areas for designated-aged children, announced they were shutting down temporarily and could not take any new reservations.

I called the museum and country store and someone did pick up, but they said that the playgrounds and museum were closed for an undetermined amount of time. She did not hear anything about permanently closing, but a few people have said that's the case on Facebook.

This comes shortly after Brookshire's warehouse experienced an ammonia leak, reported by Tyler Paper.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The rumor/question is coming from a point of sadness and concern. Many people who've grown up in Tyler talk about the fond memories they had and the memories their children will have. So they're asking what can the community do to help or hopefully a relocation is in the future.

We will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything new about the community favorite.

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