I don't know what it is, but here lately it seem like I've been exposed to a lot of PSA (public service announcements) concerning speed and now seat belts. I will admit that I do go faster than the speed limit (but not too fast), however, one thing I always do is wear my seat belt. That's one message that is implanted into my daughter's head, wear your seat belt. Even if I put the truck in reverse in the driveway or parking lot, if she's not belted in, she will tell you and you better wait until she gets it done!

The following PSA will remind you about the importance of buckling up each and every time you get in a vehicle. There are no words spoken during the minute and a half long video, only images and dramatic music that will convey the message clearly. While watching or shortly after watching it you might need a tissue, because it will bring a tear to your eyes.

This public service announcement was created for UK television back in 2010, but is universal to all drivers around the globe and reminds us to buckle up every time we get behind the wheel

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