This article is going to showcase the bravery that bull riders showcase every time they ride. I don't have the gumption to do it and any keyboard warrior who comments that they could do it can't do it either. It takes a special kind of athlete to do what a bull rider does. Only a father of a bull rider could do what this father did at recent Belton, Texas rodeo to protect his son who got bucked off an angry bull.

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Cody Hooks is one of those brave souls who can mount a bull inside a steel cage then let loose to ride that bull for hopefully eight seconds to the cheers of an arena crowd. As bull riders are aware, that eight seconds can feel like an eternity. For Cody, though, his ride was only a couple of seconds before being thrown from the back of an angry bull at a recent rodeo in Belton, Texas.

It's the heroism of Cody's father afterward that's drawn attention

Cody was thrown from the bull and knocked unconscious for several minutes. As the bullfighters were trying their absolute best to distract the bull, Cody's father, Landis, came to the aide of his son laying on the dirt. Landis noticed that the bull was making a charge at his son on the ground. He then covered his unconscious son as the bull charged and took the brunt of the bull's head butt. Those entire moments were caught on video.

@cody.hooksHere’s the whole video from last night and dad and the bullfighters took a shot. Took about a 5min nap after this#dirtnap♬ original sound - Cody.Hooks

To any bull rider out there, you have my upmost respect. It takes a special kind of athlete, and a little bit of crazy, to succeed in the sport. Cody and his father thankfully came away from this with no major injuries.

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