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The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is charging Keith Wayne Johnston, 54, of Bullard with second-degree online solicitation of a minor after he allegedly tried to coerce an underage girl to exchange nude pictures with him.

Courtesy of Smith County Jail
Courtesy of Smith County Jail

Screenshots of direct messaging between the two showed the girl decline all requests to send or receive nude pictures from Johnston, who was posing as a 14-year-old boy. The solicitation came to an end when the girl responded with a pic of her father teaching her how to use a gun:

Just sending you one of my favorite pics of my dad teaching me to defend myself.

NBC News obtained the entire conversation and replaced the 12-year-old's name with the word girl to protect her identity.

The affidavit showed several messages from Dec. 29, 2017:

Keith: Hello
Keith: Hey
Girl: Who is this?
Keith: Keith Johnston from
tioga I know [redacted]
Girl: Oh okay how do you know me?
Keith: U know [redacted] is best friends with him at talks about him
Girl: [redacted] is my boyfriend
Keith: Cool
Keith: So how is ur day going
Girl: Gio
Girl: Good
Keith: Good
Girl: yeah
Keith: Wyd
Girl: At work with my mom and dad….
Girl: you
Keith: Nm
Girl: Cool
Keith: So I was going to
as u something but never mind
Girl: What????
Keith: Nm
Girl: Are you sure……..(Smile emoticon)
Keith: Yes because you’ll get mad and say no
Girl: Just tell me……….
Keith: No what’s the point ur going to say no
Girl: (3 smile emoticons)
Girl: Ask away
Your going to say no
Girl: And?
Keith: So what’s the point
Girl: Oh whatever
Keith: Fine I will ask
Girl: Waiting…..
Keith: Can I trade u nude pictures plz
Girl: Not hardly
Keith: What
Girl: Not into that crap
Keith: Why do you think I didn’t ask
Keith: Cause now ur are mad and stuff like that
Girl: That’s just weird
Keith: I know but I’m a horny teen so but it is weird
Keith: May I at least send you a [censored] pic
Keith: You blocked me why are u following me
Girl: You aren’t blocked
Keith: Ok
Keith: I’m sorry for asking for nudes I am just very horny and everyone I ask said no but sorry
Keith: Hey u there
Girl: I’m here
Keith: I’m sorry for asking I’m just very horny sorry
Keith: So is the answer no
on the nudes
Girl: Preferably not.
Keith: What
Keith: Is it a no or yes
Girl: No
Keith: No to the nudes or the [censored] pic
Girl: Either
Keith: What does a [censored] horny teen have to do to get nudes
Girl: How about actually know someone?
Keith: I do but I’ve
ask a lot of people
Keith: 14
Girl: Yeah, I don’t think so
Keith: I’m in 7th grade
Keith: Why can u send one pic
Keith: Plz I’ll do anything
Girl: Why don’t you have any pics on your Instagram?
Keith: Never got any
Keith: But plz
Girl: You have no pics is your account fake or something?
Keith: No I never post
Girl: Why?
Girl: You don’t even have a profile pic
Keith: Because I’m never on Instagram
Keith: But plz
Girl: I’m not sending you nudes I’m 12 years old and I think you are a creeper
Keith: No I am not I’m 13 I’ll be 14 in two
month I got held back
Keith: I’ll do whatever u want me to do just
Girl: (Photo of girl shooting a gun with her dad)
Keith: I’ll do
what ever u want me to do just plzzz
Keith: OK what’s that all about
Girl: Leave me alone
Girl: Just sending you one of my favorite pics of my dad teaching me to defend myself
Keith: OK bye

The detective obtained a warrant for Johnston’s arrest on Tuesday. He was arrested the same day and being held on a $150,000 bond.

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