Remember this terrifying video from a few years ago from out of Houston, TX where a driver went right past a school bus stop sign and nearly hit a child that was getting of the bus. Take a look:

The 18 year old male driver of the car was later arrested and charged with reckless driving. But we bring this video up as a reminder with the start of the new school year to pay attention and share with you what Texas law says about school bus safety.

Here's What Texas Law Says About School Buses

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According to the Liggett Law Group, it is illegal to pass a school bus actively loading or unloading passengers. Passing on either side of the school bus can lead to a fine anywhere from $500 to $1250 or more in Texas.

Here's more instances where you have to come to a COMPLETE STOP around a school bus:

  • Texas law mandates drivers must stop when a school bus extends its stop sign or turns on its flashing red lights.
  • When a school bus is stopped, drivers traveling on either side of the road must come to a complete stop.
  • A roadway is not considered separated by left turn lanes only, so drivers must stop for school buses in that case.

There Are Exceptions But Very Few.

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The exception to coming to a complete stop while a school bus is stopped is on a road with a raised median or barrier. On-coming traffic on the other side of the road from where the bus is stopped, does not have to stop. But its so much better to be safe than sorry so slow down or come to a complete stop whenever you see a bus near.

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