When you’re thinking about meeting a friend for lunch, it’s almost difficult to select a restaurant around Tyler, Texas because there are so many incredible restaurants. It was so refreshing as just a few days ago someone posted online looking for small café type restaurants preferably locally-owned for lunch with a friend and there were lots of great options that were suggested. 

The post was made on social media regarding restaurants around Tyler and there are plenty to choose from but I loved seeing so many locations not far from Tyler because they are so good, they deserved to be mentioned as well. It was fun to hear about so many local restaurants still providing delicious food and great customer service that has customers wanting to come back for more. 

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Now I Want to Visit All of These Locations 

I’ve been to a handful of the restaurants listed below but there are so many more that I need to stop by for a meal. Some lunch restaurant ideas that are listed below I have wanted to visit such as Nettie's in Chandler, but after seeing so many great reviews I need to make it a priority soon. 

Remember to Support Your Favorite Restaurant 

When you are eating out at a restaurant remember the staff is probably understaffed and overworked so be patient with these hard workers, and make sure you leave a big tip when you receive great service. Let’s continue to support these great restaurants in our area.  

Here is a look at the suggested café type restaurants for lunch near Tyler, Texas. 

Café Type Restaurants Perfect for Lunch Near Tyler, Texas

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