There is a big rivalry between California and Texas. Each state loves to battle each other over politics, business, entertainment, fast food, really anything that can be argued over. Over the last several years, California has been losing citizens by the thousands to other states in the union with most going to Texas. In a recent article by U-Haul, they show that one-way rentals have increased coming from California with more going to every other state in the union.

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Reason for the Exodus from California

A lot of it has to do with the political climate of California which is basically the exact opposite of Texas. Another reason is because California is becoming an unaffordable state to live in with its ridiculously high property values and a high state tax. Crime is also a big problem with police unable to arrest hardly anyone. People can also just walk into a store and take what they want with no repercussions. It's sad and it's why California is the worst state to live in right now.

Not Affordable for NFL players

Even NFL players who make millions of dollars a year have a hard time living in California. A report came out recently saying that San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Brock Purdy has to have a roommate so he can afford to pay rent in San Francisco. That's ridiculous. I have a couple of classmates that live in California and I don't get how they can live there and make a decent living.

U-Haul Article Proves California is Losing

In a new article by U-Haul, they show that in 2022, Texas ranked number one for one-way U-Haul truck destinations. Florida came in at number two and the Carolinas at three and four. The last state on the list for one-way destinations...California. Which means that more people are leaving that state than saying "hello" to it.

California Loses to Texas Once Again

Sure, I'm gloating because California is the worst state to live in. Would I visit for a short vacation? Sure. There are some fun things to do there. But the fact that a house that costs $250,000 here goes for $3 million, or some other stupid price there, a tax rate that leaves people with half their salary to pay bills and enjoy life and a political climate that is completely upside down means that California is only going to see more people say "goodbye" to the state.

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