We are quickly approaching summertime in Texas and yes that means hot and humid days are ahead. But summer in Texas is not all bad just because we deal with extreme heat on some days. There are so many fun activities we can take part in to beat the heat. But if you have dogs, you’re going to want to be careful. There are some foods that are more common in the summertime that could make your dog sick. 

Sick Dog

If you’re like me, your dogs are furry family members. The last thing on earth I would want is my dog to get sick, especially if there’s something that I could have done to avoid it. But the first step is just knowing which foods to watch out for, because there are items listed below that I didn’t realize could cause a dog to get sick.  

Be Careful Even with Fruits and Vegetables 

It’s common knowledge that dogs cannot eat grapes, but I thought most other fruits were okay for them, but I am learning that is not the case. As a dog owner, I just appreciate knowing these things so I can make sure I don’t do anything that causes my dogs to get sick in the future.  

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Here are the Foods That You Should Keep Away from Your Dog 

No one wants to deal with their dog making a mess due to them being sick. So, let’s make sure that your dog's avoid eating these foods that are common for BBQ’s or cookouts in the summertime.  

Texas Summertime Food Favorites That Can Make Your Dog Sick

Make sure your dogs don't get into these foods that are often around in the summertime.

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