The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a juggernaut in movie theaters. They are just great movies and the story that is being told is just like following a comic book story over the last ten years. The latest addition to the universe comes in March of 2019, Captain Marvel, and today we got the first trailer.

In the comics, Captain Marvel was actually a dude called Mar Vell. But Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers, came in contact with him by accident, adsorbed his powers and became Captain Marvel. That's the super simple explanation, anyway.

Just by this first trailer, her origin may be a little different. We saw a shot of Jude Law's character. Some believe he is the original Mar Vell while others believe he's a secret villain. We won't know until we're in theaters.

Marvel has had a tight lid on the making of this movie. All we know is this will give a set up to Avengers 4 coming out in two months after this.

Personally, I'm super excited for this movie. Captain Marvel has always been a favorite of mine. We'll find out in March. I'll the popcorn ready.

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