UPDATE: The teen referenced in this article is from Carthage, NY and not Carthage, TX. We send our condolences to Tyler's family during this difficult time. We also apologize to our readers for this error.


I cannot even begin to imagine what Tyler Christman's family is going through right now. Like so many teenage boys, Tyler loved being a little dangerous which includes making some big hits on the football field. Unfortunately, the unexpected happened and Tyler lost his life after being hospitalized with swelling and bleeding in his brain that took place during a football game.

The game was last Saturday as the Carthage Comets took the field at West Genesse, no one could have expected this to happen. It's absolutely heartbreaking, one that is felt by the whole community. In fact, according to Spectrum Local News, many first responders gathered at Carthage Park for a light-up to honor Tyler and show his family that the community is thinking of them.

You Can Show Support for Tyler and His Family on Friday

What Tyler's family is going through right now is excruciating, but there is something small that you can do to show this family support during this difficult time and it's simple. The whole community (specifically Carthage) is to wear the color red, many local businesses said they would be participating in this show of support.

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There Are Some Things Everyone Needs to Know About Tyler

While I wasn't lucky enough to know Tyler, through the post his father Jason made online I got to know a little about him. Tyler was a great person who was loved by friends and teammates. He is a hero who's organs will help many others. His two brothers Zach and Dylan will miss him like crazy, along with his parents.

Rest easy, Tyler. Your community will miss you as you fly high.

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