I’m not sure I have ever seen a property in Texas that is more set up for horses. That is a bold statement in Texas with so many farms and ranches but that should tell you how amazing this equestrian masterpiece truly is in East Texas.  

The address for this place is 3721 Buie Rd, Diana, TX 75640. The main house is a cute 2-bedroom place with one and a half bathrooms. It’s got plenty of room for friends, family and others who love horses being a total of 2,780 square feet. Although according to the real estate listing this property has multiple residences. But a huge draw for this property is the 88.21 acres of land in East Texas. According to Google Maps it’s about a 20-minute drive from this piece of paradise into the Longview mall. 


This Farm Was Made for Horses 

As you will see when you scroll through the photos below, this property was set up with horses in mind and it continues to be a top of the line working breeding facility. If you love horses, you will love seeing the 12-stall horse barn with every amenity possible readily available.  

This Property Could Make You Money 

As you look through the photos you will see that this property could easily host weddings or other events. This could turn into a destination property in East Texas that turns into a cash cow for the right investor. But first you need to see how beautiful the property is, so let’s look at some pictures.  

Incredible Property in Diana, TX Set Up Perfectly for Horses

This is the most amazing equestrian masterpiece currently on the market for $2,700,000

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins


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