Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler, Texas is one of the most beautiful plots of land honoring the deceased that I've ever seen. But when the sun goes down, it feels like all cemeteries - it's almost too quiet, it's eerie and frankly, it just gives me the willies.

If you're a fan of haunted tales that have historical roots behind the story like me, then you like to do a lot of reading of supposed haunted buildings, railroads, homes and you guessed it - cemeteries. and both have articles about the most haunted cemeteries in Texas. Rose Hill Cemetery is on both, ranked No. 3 in one article and No. 1 in the other.

There are two tales associated with Rose Hill Cemetery - one that's popular in Tyler lore and isn't so scary, and the other which allegedly caused a woman to stop sleeping.

Madge Ward Piano Mausoleum

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

The story goes when you're at the cemetery at night (you're not supposed to be there past 8 pm FYI), people have reported hearing a melancholy tune - similar to that of a piano, according to Well, if you're from around here you probably know about the piano mausoleum honoring Dr. Madge Ward. Rumor has it visitors hear the tune in close proximity of her gravestone.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

In a very detailed article written in the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Dr. Ward is described as "outgoing, willing to do anything and generous". She left a legacy as a beloved music teacher at Tyler Public Schools and traveled the world playing piano for people of all walks of life.

The piano, which stands 8 feet tall and 13 feet long as referenced in the Morning Telegraph, is a well-known attraction near and far.

Spirit Causing Sleep Paralysis

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Rose Hill Cemetery is No. 1 on the list in but this story seems even more obscure - you be the judge.

While most local residents are aware of the story of Dr. Ward, one local believes there is another darker spirit among the gravestones. According to, a woman visited her grandmother at Rose Hill before seeing 'a mist colored apparition lurking behind a tree'.

The story goes on to say after the encounter, the woman developed severe sleep paralysis and wakes up multiple times a week at night while her body is frozen. She then watches the apparition enter her bedroom while being paralyzed.

Whether you believe in haunted tales or not, it would make sense that a cemetery would be home to wandering spirits, hence the huge number of Texas cemeteries with haunted rumors surrounding them.

Both articles list a handful of other North/East Texas cemeteries know for being haunted. Here are just a few in the articles we referenced above:

  • Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont
  • Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville
  • Bethel Cemetery in Coppell
  • Lone Oak Cemetery in Blooming Grove
  • Mills Cemetery in Garland
  • Evergreen Cemetery in Paris

At the end of the day, we all need to remember these are resting places for the dead, which means if you decide to visit these sites you need to be respectful of the deceased and the land. Do not trespass and remember, that's somebody's family.

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