So let's start with a small confession: I've never actually purchased something off of Facebook Marketplace. I'm too nervous to go out and meet people to make the purchase - chalk it up to all the stories I've heard.

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Facebook always take advantage of the opportunity to show us new features, and today I guess they noticed that I haven't browsed on the marketplace in quite some time. So I cracked...and took a few minutes to check out what was out there. Honestly, there are some really cool, and really NOT so cool things people are trying to get out of their garages, kitchens, and closets.

Don't worry, I've grabbed a few to share with you. And please let me know what's the coolest, or wackiest, thing you've purchased online. I really want to know!

10 Really Cool (And Kind Of Wacky) Things For Sale On Facebook Marketplace in East Texas

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